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Why And How To Download The Vidmate 2014 App On Your PC

As said old is gold, all the old versions of vidmate are as good as the new version in the market. Many of the times you are unable to download a new version of an app because the old android version of your phone doesn’t allow it. In such a situation, the old version is the one you can go for. In this article, we will tell you why you should download the old version, vidmate 2014 and the steps to download it for your PC.

Vidmate 2014 App
Vidmate 2014 App

Why To Download Vidmate 2014 App :

Vidmate 2014 App has various features that will make your online movie experience more amazing and astonishing. Here are the reasons to download vidmate 2014 version on your PC or smartphone:

  • Unlimited movies: Vidmate is the online movie platform for all the movie lovers. You can watch or download unlimited movies and videos and watch them anytime you want.
  • Watch movies in offline mode: Great features of vidmate 2014 allow you to simply download your movie and watch it later on in your free times.
  • No need to wait till you find a wifi connection: Watching a movie online takes a lot of your data. Sometimes, it may cost you double the rates of your data pack. That’s why people prefer to watch a movie online while using a wifi connection and wait to watch a movie until they get a strong wifi connection. But while using vidmate you can simply download the video whenever you are in a range of strong wifi connection and watch it at your home or while traveling. Just a tip: you can also use your office wifi to download large size movies even while working in a single click.
  • Saves your precious resources:  You will be amazed to know that this application is free for its user. It will not only save your money but will save your time too. How? The search engine of vidmate 2014 searches the movie you want to watch in just a few seconds. In other circumstances, you have to surf around the different website to search an appropriate link for your movie and then look for the download medium. So isn’t it a time-saving tool?
How To Download Vidmate 2014 App For Your PC?

Though vidmate 2014 is an android application, but it can be used on your PC as well. You can easily install the Vidmate 2014 version in your PC by following these simple steps:

  • Install the BlueStack that provides a virtual Android environment to your PC and allows simulating a Smartphone on your PC.
  • Once you have downloaded and installed the BlueStack, it will present you a visual interface through which you can directly install vidmate 2014 version or can search for them.

It is similar to the play store of your smartphone. You can download vidmate 2014 with BlueStack and use it to download the videos from vidmate. Downloaded videos can be saved to any folder of your choice.

Still reading? What are you waiting for? Download vidmate 2014 in your PC and enjoy watching your favorite movies with your friends and family.

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