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ViteMate video Download is among the fastest downloading tools for Android that downloads all video contents from anywhere across the internet in a single click. The application presents a very simple UI for the users and the best part is the Downloading Guide which will enable users to have a step by step look at the instructions for downloading the videos and follow them to save millions of video contents in their device SD card.

 The application consists of a built-in browser for the users to directly access their favorite video streaming sites and search for their desired video just like they do in their official platform. The application has a power pack performance with very fast downloading speed and in equal speed also allows users to share downloaded files with their friends through the application.

 It also helps users manage the downloaded files with the help of Download manager and consists of intellectual video detection features to let the users access plenty of videos online and download them. The application supports downloading in all formats starting from small to large files instantly in just a single click. ViteMate is an excellent creation for all android users for downloading multimedia content.

ViteMate video Download
ViteMate video Download

How to download videos with ViteMate Video Application

  1. All Android users need to install the application from the third party source. They can get the APK file of the application from Vidmate app featuring the latest version.
  2. To install the file by sideloading, users need to turn on ‘Unknown Sources’ from Settings and finish the installation process to launch the application in their device.
  3. The application soon gets launched with its official icon.
  4. Users need to tap open the application. On the top part of the application, users need to enter the URL of the video they want to download. They can search the video by entering the file name or paste the URL to reach the targeted results directly.
  5. Users can also select the video from the featured ones in the home page and proceed for downloading. The featured videos mostly show the latest video contents from different categories for easy access by the users.
  6. After selecting the video of their choice, the users need to click on the Download arrow. They will be presented with the resolution window to choose the desired resolution in which they would like to have their download.
  7. The application supports all kinds of resolutions from lower, medium to HD quality as desired by the users.
  8. After choosing the resolution, users need to select Yes to confirm their selection and initiate the downloading process.
  9. The download gets completed within a few seconds and the files get stored in the Download subsection of the application.
  10. From there users can access their downloaded contents and save them to their device SD card as well to view them offline.
  11. The application provides a very flexible downloading process for the users y allowing them to start and resume at any point with background download facility.


ViteMate due to its simplicity and power pack performance is a must download for all android users who love increasing video collections in their device.

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