VitMate Application – Video Streaming & Downloading Tool For android

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Vitmate is a downloading tool for Android that lets users watch unlimited movies online in the application’s platform and also download them as they desire. The application features various trending movies in its interface and also allows users to search for their targeted results and stream them with the application. Users can download unlimited videos from sources across the web and from the ones featured in the application’s platform easily with spending a single amount of money.

VitMate Application
VitMate Application

The video player of the application is also very efficient streaming HD quality videos and movies and supports all kinds of existing video file formats. The application for the user’s convenience is available in regional languages as well other than English and hence serves as the biggest entertainment platform for all Android users with tons of videos and movies collections.

Features of VitMate Application

  1. Free online streaming and Downloading

The application allows users to download as many numbers of movies and vide they want without any payment or subscription procedure. Users just need to install the Vidmate application and then choose unlimited videos and movies from its vast library collection to stream online and download the favorites ones to play it offline without internet connection.

  • Downloading process

The application features a one-click downloading procedure with all kinds of supported resolutions starting from lower to HD quality. The same process is also followed for online streaming depending on the user’s bandwidth. The users need to choose a video or movie from the application’s vast library and click on them to play it online.

 If during the process they find the video beneficial or entertaining they can download it immediately in their selected resolution based on the storage space of the device. After the video is downloaded, it directly gets saved to the device SD card. The same goes for the movies also. Users can track the download progress with the live progress bar, resume it anytime and continue to form the resumed point easily as they wish. The application supports various file formats like Mp4, WMV, FIV, MPEG, MKV, 3GP, AVI, MOV and many more.

More Features of VitMate Application

  • No size limit

The application has no size limit for the downloaded files. They can go for smaller downloads with the application as well the large movie files easily without losing the quality.

  • Multi-language Support

The application supports all kinds of regional languages starting from Punjabi, Marathi, Bengali, Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil etc along with English so that users do not face any language issue while handling the application.

  • Multitasking Environment

The application provides a multitasking environment for the users to let them continue with other apps while playing the video in the background. Users do not need to stick to the application’s interface and wait for the download to complete for navigating between other applications.

How to Download VitMate Application
  1. All Android users need to download VitMate by Sideloading and they can get the APK file from Vidmate App application.
  2. This is a third party file so, users need to enable ‘Unknown Sources’ from Settings to install it in their device.


VitMate is highly recommended for the movie lovers and video buffs due to its unlimited free downloading features.

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